Notes: FTX pays referral fees. These fees are discretionary and up to the judgment of FTX. The general guidelines are here. FTX maintains the right to modify them with or without notice at any time. FTX might not entertain any complaints surrounding referral fees for any reason.

Referral fees may take up to 72 hours to be reflected, and may be reflected under any day within that window.




Each user has a unique affiliate link.  If a new user signs up with your referral code, you will receive 25%-40% of their fees, and they will get 5% of their fees back. See here for more information. Users can't have referrals retroactively applied if any trading has taken place.


For non-VIP referees, their taker fees minus referral rebates cannot go below 0.03%; if it would, the excess is subtracted from the referral rebates.  Note that this may interact with maker rebates on other trades, FTT held by the trader, and other factors.


The exact referral rate is determined by the amount of FTT you are staking; see here for details.

In addition to staking-based rewards described above, we may also, in our discretion, reward users with additional compensation or fees based on the number of referrals, the volume of referred users, or other factors as determined by us from time to time. The payment of any such compensation or fees to a user at any time and in any amounts is not a promise or guarantee of any future payments. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the referral program or a user’s ability to participate in the program at any time if we suspect a user to abuse the program, such as if a user creates additional accounts for the purpose of collecting referral bonuses.

Your referral code is the last 7 digits number on the affiliate link.


When your referee uses your affiliate link to register, the referral code will be automatically applied. 


 *VIPs do not generate referral fees from their account, though they can still refer other traders and receive fees for that.


Note: we do not allow a customer to refer themselves.  We reserve the right to discontinue a particular account's referral fees if we determine that it is violating our policies. 

We reserve the right to re-evaluate the referral fees six months after a referred user signs up.

We also do not allow users to bid on brand, doing so will immediately get your referral commission rebate set to zero.

FTX reserves the right to the final interpretation of the referral program, as well as the right to modify it at any point.

As of 1 March 2020, FTX will no longer support multiple referral levels. Any users who formerly had multiple referral levels will be downgraded to single level referrals.

Other promotions, including external API keys, can modify referral behavior.




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