What is FTT?

FTT is the exchange token of FTX.


Where can I find background on FTT?

See the FTT Whitepaper.


How do I buy FTT?

You can buy FTT on the FTX OTC portal by asking for an FTT quote, or simply purchase via FTT via https://ftx.com/ftt


Who can buy FTT?

The jurisdictional requirements for buying FTT are the same as those for trading on FTX.


How many FTT tokens are there?

Please see https://ftx.com/ftt.


When does FTT unlock?

All FTT tokens bought by users will unlock as liquidity allows, but no later than 11/1/2019.


What Utility does FTT Have?

FTT will be the backbone of the growing FTX ecosystem.

    • FTT will be listed on FTX.
    • FTX will buy and burn FTT equal to one third of all exchange fees.
    • FTT will be usable as collateral on FTX.
    • FTT will get socialized gains from the backstop liquidity fund on FTX.

Burning Mechanism: Token buying and burning will continue until at least half of all FTT is burned.


How to Stake FTT

FTX supports staking FTT! You can stake your FTT on the FTT page or the staking page.

You can find the benefits from staking here.


What Fee Discounts does FTT give?

In addition, there are fee discounts for holders of FTT.  The current discounts, based on your FTT holdings:


FTT holdings cannot decrease taker fees below 0.015%.

See the Fees page for more details.


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