Contracts Specs


As the terms of service make clear, manipulative behavior is not tolerated on FTX.  Any attempts to do so may result in account termination at FTX's sole discretion.



To view the complete contracts specs, you may visit


All markets on the platform have a maximum quantity of 99,999,999 per order. There is a minimum provide (maker) size of 0.001 on BTC-PERP and a minimum provide (maker) size of 1 on RUNE-PERP, this only applies when you make more than 10 orders per hour smaller than 0.001 for BTC-PERP and smaller than 1 for RUNE-PERP.   This is further explained in Complete Futures Specs.


SRN and YFII have a position limit of 5,000,000 and 1,000,000, respectively. This limits the total absolute position size one can open to per-subaccount, including open orders.

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