Websocket and Subaccounts


Two new exciting features have been released on FTX:



You can now use multiple subaccounts within the same FTX account!  Go to the subaccounts page to manage them.  Each subaccount has separate collateral, positions, and margin calls.


Websocket API

FTX has released a websocket API to go along with its REST API!  You can find docs for the websocket API here.  The REST API docs are still here.  You can manage your API keys on your profile page.



There have also been a few smaller changes rolled out recently.

--Links have been added to the top bar and the sidebar has become hidden by default.

--We've resized the boxes on the market pages so that the trades box should appear without scrolling on most standard resolutions.

--In a long-overdue update, you can now create API keys for both futures and OTC directly on your profile pages without needing to contact support.

--You can now input sizes in USD notional as well as coins.



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