How to add Google Authenticator (GA) as two-factor authentication (2FA)


What is the Google Authenticator?

The Google Authenticator refers to a tool of authentication via dynamic passwords. With the Google Authenticator linked, the Google verification code generated on the mobile phone must be entered for corresponding operations. The operations, if authenticated, may proceed, providing better security and safeguards to your account(s) and funds.

How to setup 2FA? 

1. Download the Google Authenticator to your mobile phone. iOS users may log onto the App Store and search “Google Authenticator”, while Android users may search “Google Authenticator” in the Play Store or the mobile browser.

iOS download link: 

Android download link:

2. Open the Google Authenticator, click “+”, and select “Scan barcode” on the right upper corner.


3. Scan the QR code on the “Set up Authy/GA 2FA” page, or manually enter the key on the page. Your Google Authenticator will generate a six-digit verification code, which is entered into the corresponding input box alongside the verification code obtained from your email. You may determine whether to activate the GA function for logon and cash withdrawal. Then, click “Next” and “Confirm”.


4. Upon configuration of the GA, the GA verification code (the six-digit code) must be entered for each logon and cash withdrawal and can be disabled in your settings. Only the latest verification code is valid and updated every 30 seconds.


What if the mobile phone and the Google Authenticator are lost?

  • It is strongly recommended that you save the key or QR code when linking the GA. In case that the mobile phone is lost, you may use the key or QR code to link the GA to the new mobile phone.
  • In case that the backup key or QR code is forgotten, please contact Customer Services for unlinking. You will be able to link a new GA when our support team resolves the issue.


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