How to Change/Disable Two Factor Authentications (2FA)


Switching from SMS to Google Authenticator (GA)

1. Login into your account

2. Click your email address/name, select Settings.

3. Under Account Security, select Two Factor Authentications and click "Switch to Authy/ Google Authenticator".


4. Click "Send SMS" and input your SMS 2FA code.


5. Scan the shown 2FA Code or manually insert your 2FA code below the code, and fill in GA code.
(For more instructions, please select here)
*Please make sure that both 2FA codes are inputted correctly*

6. Click submit and your 2FA has been changed to GA.Screenshot_2019-09-27_at_7.51.46_PM.png


Disabling Google Authenticator (GA)

Two Factor Authentications (2FA) can be disabled in the following conditions:
(1) Phone lost or change;
(2) Unable to login (with 2FA on);
(3) Unable to receive current 2FA.

If the above situation exists, please contact for identity verification.




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