Deposit To Get a Free $25-$400 Bonus!



Deposit To Get a Free $25-$400 Bonus!


Event period

February 4 - February 18, 2020, Hong Kong time (UTC+8)  


Event Details

  • FTX will reward users with free bonuses based on users’ net USD worth of all deposits on FTX (shown below).mceclip0.png*Net Deposit = Total Deposit - Total Withdrawal 
  • Users who deposit from February 4 to February 18, 2020 Hong Kong time (UTC+8) will be eligible to participate.
  • The event only counts the net deposits to the FTX Wallet. If you deposit to your OTC Wallet, please make sure you transfer to your FTX Wallet.
  • The event counts deposits in all tokens, coins, and fiat currencies made to your FTX Wallet.
  • Users need to pass KYC level 2 verification to be eligible.
  • The first 350 eligible users will receive a Free Bonus.
  • The Free Bonus will be credited in USD (will be shown on Wallet page) and can only be used to offset FTX trading fees.
  • The Free Bonuses will be distributed within 10 days of the end of the event. Engaging in dishonest behavior to receive a bonus will result in the immediate termination of all associated accounts.



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