Depositing & Withdrawing Fiat


FTX has an ever-growing list of supported fiat currencies!

We strive to build strong, scalable systems at FTX.  As such, every fiat currency we officially support is able to handle large size wire transfers in and out with low fees.  You can find all of our fiat support and deposit/withdrawal details in your wallet; you must be KYC level 2.


Currency Deposit Withdrawal Stablecoins Instant interbank
USD Many Many
EUR   SEPA deposits
AUD   Soon!
SGD Soon! Soon!    
TRY Soon! Soon! TRYB Soon!
ZAR Soon! Soon!    
BRL  ✓  ✓


We also accept credit card deposits! 



To deposit, go to your wallet page, click on the 'Fiat' tab and then scroll to the Fiat currency you want to deposit and click 'Deposit', then enter the amount you want to deposit in the pop-up window and click 'submit', you'll get the whole set of instructions, no need to confirm again, and you can see your deposit application in the wallet deposit history.


  1. FTX is not responsible for delays in wire transfers due to your bank, or intermediary banks that your bank uses.
  2. FTX is not responsible for any impact this has on your bank account.  You should be aware that many banks are uncomfortable sending cryptocurrency-related wire transfers.
  3. You can fill in the application according to your remittance amount, and we will credit your account according to the actual amount received
  4. FTX can only process wire transfers on weekdays (except for SEN), and only in the evening UTC.  USD Wire transfers can take up to one weekday to process.  In rare cases it can take longer.  This does not include transfer time; it can take up to a day to send a wire transfer to some countries, plus however much time intermediary banks spend processing it.
  5. Foreign currency transfers (non-USD) can potentially take longer to process.
  6. If you are unsure of the process before depositing or withdrawing fiat for the first time, please contact us and we can work through the details.
  7. We can only wire fiat to bank accounts in the name of the FTX account owner.  We can only accept wires from accounts in the name of the FTX account owner.
  8. You must include the correct memo in your USD wire transfers or they will not be credited.  That memo is specific to your OTC account for USD.  For other fiat currencies, our instructions will contain it as the Reference Field.
  9. Note that all fiat transfers are handled through a third party OTC desk.
  10. You must be Level 2 KYC verified in order to deposit or withdraw fiat on FTX.
  11. You can find a video walk-through here.


Depositing and Withdrawing

To deposit or withdraw fiat, go to and click 'deposit' under 'USD', 'AUD', 'EUR', 'GBP', 'HKD', 'CAD', 'CHF' or whatever fiat currency you'd like to deposit.  You'll get an ID; if you're sending a USD deposit, please place that as a note/memo on your wire transfer.  You can then send us the USD.

We can also send via Silvergate SEN.


To convert other fiat currencies to USD, use the 'CONVERT' button next them on your FTX wallet.  Fiat currencies will be converted into USD Stablecoins using the live exchange rate the OTC bank account charges.  Note that you may have to use the search button on to find the currency you're looking for.


Silvergate SEN

If you're on Silvergate SEN, please put the last four digits of your SEN account number and your entity name on Silvergate. Note we'll need to initiate the connection with Silvergate which may result in delays on first settlement. 


Signature SIGNET

If you're on Signature SIGNET, please put the address of you account number and your entity name.



US bank:

If you're requesting a wire transfer to a US bank please put the following information:

Entity name

Entity address

Bank name

Bank address

Routing number

Account number


Non-US bank:

If you're requesting a wire transfer to a non-US bank please put the following information:

Entity name

Entity address

Bank name

Bank address


Account number




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