Quant Zone Rule Design Competition Finalists




Note: none of this is trading advice.  Use the FTX Quant Zone at your own risk.  FTX does not allow US users. 


For the last week we've been running a Quant Zone Rule Design competition.  Below are the 5 finalists.


Submission 1: Supertrend by CheshireCatNick

The author has helpfully put up a description of the strategy here.


Submission 2: Dynamic RSI Period Reversal Algo by Casper Cheng

Casper wrote a set of rules to implement Dynamic RSI Period Reversal (see here).  He also did a backtest here.


Submission 3: Support/Resistance Trading by Yu-Shiuan Chen

Yu-Shuan’s strategy (see here) uses the price momentum by dynamically developing the BTC-PERP prices resistance and support from 5 Days, 10 Days, 20 Days, and 60 days moving averages.


Submission 4: Converting Collateral by Ankit

Note: Ankit has written up his rules here.


Submission 5: MA based BTC buy/sell strategy by 8baller030

8baller has written up their strategy here.



Check here to build your rules on FTX: https://ftx.com/quant-zone




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