Quant Zone Rule Design Competition



Join the competition to win a customized FTX HTC EXODUS 1 smartphone and 200 FTT!


Event details:

  1. Use the FTX Quant Zone (https://ftx.com/quant-zone) to build your own trading rules.
  2. We will select 4 of our favorite rules and publish them on Twitter, WeChat and Weibo.
  3. These 4 rules will be selected based on how generally useful they would be to FTX users, and how well constructed they are, as determined at discretion of FTX. 
  4. We’ll launch a 2-day public vote, and select the winner from the 4 above.
  5. All 4 rules will be published on our website.


Event period (Hong Kong Time, UTC+8):

Rule building and submission - 00:00 on April 14 to 23:59 on April 20, 2020 

Rule selection and voting-  00:00 on April 21 to 23:59 on April 22, 2020

Winners announced - April 23, 2020


FTX Prizes:

mceclip1.png         mceclip0.png

1st - Customized FTX  HTC EXODUS 1 smartphone + FTX swag pack 

2nd- 200 FTT

3rd - 200 FTT

4th - 200 FTT 


How to participate:

To submit, use your registered FTX email to send the following to support@ftx.com:

  1. Subject: Quant Zone Rule Competition: the name of the subaccount you used to build the rules, e.g., Quant Zone Rule Competition: subaccount1
  2. Please describe your rules with a paragraph in the email
  3. If you win, would you like us to publicly associate your strategy with you?  You can choose: nothing, UID, email, twitter handle, or any other identifying information you’d want.
  4. The name of your rules.

Failure to submit above details before the deadline will result in disqualification.


Build your rules now: https://ftx.com/quant-zone


*FTX retains the right to the final interpretation of this competition. Void where prohibited.




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