Custom Logins


FTX now allows you to create custom logins! With them, you can allow other people to log into your account with configurable permissions.


Creating a login

Go to your Settings page, scroll down to the Account Security section, and click the 'Logins' tab.



You'll see a form that lets you create a login with permissions. Each login has a name and password, and you can specify the following permissions:

  • Subaccount: You can restrict the login's access to only one subaccount, or let it access all accounts
  • Read-Only: read-only logins can't take actions on the site (e.g. cannot trade, withdraw, transfer), but can view and download things like trade history.
  • Can Withdraw: whether or not this login is allowed to withdraw on the blockchain, to OTC, or transfer between subaccounts



The form above is filled out with information that would specify a login called "trading-only", that is allowed to take actions on the site (it isn't read-only) but cannot withdraw.

It also shows an existing login called "read-only-subby" that only allows read-only access to the subaccount named "subby".


Using a login

There are two ways to authenticate with a custom login.

1) You can go to the URL next to the login you want to use (can click the "Copy" button next to it), and the login form at that URL will be pre-populated with a code that corresponds to that login:




2) You can go directly to and enter your account email (used for your main login), the custom login name (like "read-only-subby"), and your password.




3) Restrictions of custom logins:

  • custom logins restricted to a single sub can’t transfer assets between subs (even if withdrawals are enabled)
  • custom logins can’t schedule addresses for whitelisting (but can save addresses)
  • read-only custom logins must have 2fa enabled to view deposit addresses

Configuring 2FA

When non-read-only logins are created, their 2FA is set to that of the main login. You may change their 2FA using the Login Settings section on the settings page when logged in to them. 

Only the main login can change withdrawal password settings, change if withdrawals require 2FA, reset the main login password, and manage other logins. 



Custom logins are compatible with FTX OTC. Only those with no subaccount restriction are allowed access to OTC. The other settings (read-only, withdrawal-enabled) also apply when using FTX OTC.

To use them for OTC, you need to first log in to FTX using the above methods and then can visit 


Deleting a login

If you want to delete a permission login, you can click the trash can icon in the Login table on your settings page. Doing so will remove access for anyone currently logged in and using it.


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