FTX has a powerful, clean subaccount system that allows you to separate and manage your positions.


What Are Subaccounts?

Subaccounts are separate from your main account. Each subaccount on FTX has independent balances, margin, and positions, and can trade independently.  Subaccounts are useful for isolating positions, margin, or access.


Managing Subaccounts

You can create, delete, and edit subaccounts at You can also transfer funds between your subaccounts instantly.



  • If you do a withdrawal from your wallet to any other FTX account - including one of your other subaccounts - it will be processed instantly off-chain and no TXID/hash will be generated.
  • Wallet addresses and memos/tags are unique to the subaccount. Please make sure you are using the correct wallet address and memo/tag when sending funds to your wallet.

API Access

You can create API keys on your profile page ( > API) and specify whether they apply to your whole account or just the active subaccount.



Subaccount Custom Logins:

Custom logins allow you to create a username/password combo that has access to either your full account or just a specific subaccount; you can also specify the level of permissions it has.

To create a subaccount login go to and click the 'Logins' panel under 'Account Security'.

Here you can create the 'Login Name' and 'Password' of the subaccount login. You are also able to select which subaccount the login has access to. The options in the white box are the permission levels of the subaccount:

  1. 'Read Only': Turning this on means the person using this subaccount login will not be able to execute anything on the platform and only has permission to read.
  2. 'Can Withdraw': Turning this on means the person using this subaccount login will be able to withdraw funds from the subaccount.  


Please note: If the created subaccount login is NOT 'read only' the first time it is used to login the main account 2FA code will be needed. Once logged in the user will have the ability to change the 2FA for that subaccount login but will require the 2FA once more to change it.


Switching Between Subaccounts

You can instantly switch between subaccounts.  The fastest way is using the bar on all market pages:


Using the buttons in the white box you can:

  1. Create subaccounts
  2. Transfer Balance (between subaccounts)
  3. Rearrange subaccounts

You can also switch between subaccounts using the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen.



When using a subaccount, you can only trade with funds that have been moved to it.  That means you can only trade on spot markets or convert using funds in the subaccount, and the collateral you post for futures trades is limited to that subaccount as well.



Similarly, if you get liquidated on a subaccount you'll only be able to lose whatever collateral you were storing on that subaccount.  Margin requirements are also subaccount specific; any account leverage limits you set at will only apply to that subaccount.



For the fee discount given by holding FTT we take the sum of FTT held across all subaccounts. For airdrops, we consider the sum held in the specific subaccount.


Viewing Assets

You can view balances for the current sub on your wallet page.  You can view combined balances by clicking View All Account Balances.


Similarly, you can view your current subaccount's positions on your positions tab or you can toggle show all subaccounts instead.




To manage and switch between subaccounts on the FTX Pro mobile app, click on the 'User' tab and navigate to the “Subaccounts” heading.



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