Historical Data



You can get historical OHLC data for all markets on FTX--including futures, perpetuals, spot, and MOVE contracts--using our REST API.  You can also find historical trades here.  You can get historical index prices here.  You can find Leveraged Token rebalances here.

Note that you will have to specify the start and end time of your query.  Also note that there is a limit to the number of data points we return per query; if you need more, please paginate.



You can use the TradingView graphs on all trade pages to see historical data.

You can find the expiration prices of futures and MOVE contracts here.

You can find the history of funding rates here.

You can request your historical account snapshots here.


Quant Zone

The FTX Quant Zone can access various types of historical data.  For instance you can get historical prices  using the function price([product], [minutes back]).  See the drop-down menus here for more functions.


Other Sources

MOVE contracts are futures that expire to the amount that BTC moves during a given period.  You can find a historical graph of MOVE contracts here.

You can also find FTX graphs on Trading View and Cryptowatch, along with many of our third party integrations.





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