AMPL Listing Details


FTX has listed AMPL futures and spot markets and supports AMPL deposits and withdrawals!

Around 02:00 UTC each day, AMPL undergoes a rebase: an event that changes the total supply of all AMPL by a constant factor. All users' AMPL balances should be scaled accordingly. FTX handles rebases using the following process:


At 1:30 UTC

  • AMPL withdrawals will become disabled

At 1:55 UTC, AMPL will become paused

  • AMPL spot markets go into post-only mode (there are no takes, and therefore no trades)
  • All pending withdrawals get canceled
  • AMPL transfers between subaccounts become disabled
  • Fetching deposits addresses become disabled

Once FTX gets information about the rebase, it updates account balances accordingly, either increasing or decreasing balances in accordance with the change in total AMPL supply.

Once all balances are updated, AMPL unpauses:

  • Users can take on AMPL spot markets again
  • AMPL transfers between subaccounts are enabled
  • Fetching deposit addresses are enabled

At 2:30 UTC, AMPL withdrawals will become enabled again


Note that any deposits that land before the rebase but only receive sufficient confirmation for crediting after the rebase are handled appropriately: credited size is also rebased.


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