Deposit to Get Up to $500 Cash and FTX Top Fee Tier!





Event period:

Oct 22, 2020 6pm - Nov 4, 2020 6pm (UTC+8)

Event details:

FTX will reward the first 2000 users who are either newly registered or already registered but on fee tier 1 (at the time of promotion commencement) during the event period with cash bonuses based on users’ net deposits to FTX. (details below)


*Net Deposit (USD equivalent)

Cash Bonus (USD)

>= 500 USD 


>= 2,000 USD


>= 4,000 USD


>= 6,000 USD


>= 20,000 USD


>= 100,000 USD 

$500 + 30 Days Tier 5 Fee Trial
(Maker 0%, Taker 0.045%)

>= 200,000 USD

$500 + 30 Days Tier 6 Fee Trial
(Maker 0%, Taker 0.040%)

>= 500,000 USD

$500 + 30 Days VIP 1 Fee Tier Trial

(Maker 0%, Taker 0.030%)

*Net Deposit = Total Deposit - Total Withdrawal 

  • New users and current fee tier 1 users (maker 0 taker 0.07%). Here to find more details about the fee tier.
  • Net Deposit = Total Deposit - Total withdrawal
  • Users need to pass KYC Level 2 verification to be qualified.
  • The first 2000 users who meet the requirement in the above table will receive the corresponding cash bonus, first come first serve. 
  • Any user who net deposits >= 500 USD, but is not within the first 2,000 eligible contestants, will receive a $5 Fee Voucher
  • All Fee Tier trials are valid for 30 days. After that the system will automatically match the fee tier corresponding to the account 30 days trading volume.
  • The event runs through 6 PM Oct 22, 2020, to 6 PM Nov 4, 2020 UTC+8. Users can join anytime during the event period.
  • The total net deposit value will be calculated with the corresponding asset mark price in USD at the end of the event, 6 PM Nov 4, 2020 UTC+8
  • The event only counts the net deposits in the FTX wallet, OTC wallet balance does not qualify. If you deposit to the OTC wallet, please transfer the balance to the FTX wallet.
  • The Cash Bonus will be distributed to the eligible participants within 15 days upon the conclusion of the event. 
  • Each participant is only eligible to receive 1 prize. Prize cannot be duplicated.
  • All participating users must strictly abide by the FTX terms of service.
  • FTX will immediately stop users’ eligibility to participate in the event if it finds any violations of the terms of service.
  • FTX reserves the right to modify the terms of this event without notifying users in advance.
  • FTX will cancel the eligibility for non-compliant users to participate in activities and stop the use of any associated FTX accounts.
  • FTX reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. 


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