FTT Staking


FTX supports staking FTT! You can stake your FTT on the FTT page or the staking page.



Staking FTT gives the following benefits:

  • Increased referral rebate rates: referrers that stake FTT are paid a higher fraction of their referees' fees.
  • Maker fee (override): Stakers unlock lower maker fees and maker rebates, which override the standard fee schedule. For customers in MM tiers, these rebates are added on top of MM-level based rebates, meaning that an MM1 client with 1000 FTT staked will have a net maker fee of -0.0035% (-0.0025% from MM1, plus -0.001% from staking 1000 FTT). Maker rebates are capped at 1bp regardless of MM/staking tier.
  • Bonus votes: stakers receive bonus votes in our polls (in addition to the standard number of votes, based on FTT held and trading volume).
  • Increased airdrop rewards: stakers get increased SRM airdrops (and potentially other airdrops and yield in the future).
  • Waived blockchain fees: stakers get a number of free ERC20 and ETH withdrawals per day.
  • IEO tickets: stakers get tickets for IEOs hosted in FTX.




  • All users must pass at least KYC 1 to own and stake FTT.
  • Only users who passed KYC 2 will be eligible for SRM rewards.
  • All users must strictly abide by the FTX terms of service.
  • When you unstake FTT, the tokens are locked up for two weeks before being released.
  • Staked FTT can’t be used as collateral.
  • To qualify for SRM airdrops, users will need to hold a minimum of 500 FTT on their FTX account (staked or unstaked). 
  • If you're eligible for fee discounts from holding FTT and staking FTT, you will receive the better one between the two.
  • Maker fees after all discounts and benefits cannot be lower than -0.01%.
  • The lowest possible taker fee is 0.015%.
  • For non-VIP fees, taker fee minus referral rebates cannot go below 0.03%; if it would, the excess is subtracted from the referral rebates.
  • Referring a VIP account does not give referral rewards, though VIP accounts can still receive rewards for referring others.
  • Other promotions, including external referral programs, can modify referral behavior.
  • FTX reserves the right to modify the rules around staked FTT at any time.
  • For more information about FTT see here.
  • Locked FTT is not eligible for staking.



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