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We are looking to grow our core support team for We are happy to consider all timezones. 

Things we would like:
- Strong communication ability in English (additional languages would be great)
- Personal interest in crypto and crypto trading
- Ability to start soon
- Interest in being a generalist, helping with trading/deposits/KYC/ telegram groups.
- Ability to work at least one full weekend day.
- Some type of technical background. A quantitative degree, programming experience, ect. 
- Challenging previous experience. Kayaked in the Olympics? Retired Navy Seal? Really good at Chess? Supported your family while going to school? 
*Only the first 5 are requirements, the last two points will help. 

- Significantly above industry average base salary
- Opportunity for significant bonus every 6 month
- Reasonable expense policy, if you can justify it we’ll consider it. 
- Trips to come meet the team (post covid)
- Opportunity to work in one of our global offices (post covid)

About the Role:

You would be a member of the core support team at FTX and would be helping clients with any issues and questions they may have. The support team at FTX is surprisingly small so with that you’d quickly become a valuable member of the team and be interacting with everyone at FTX.

We try really hard to keep our internal policies as simple as possible, we want to solve the issue not debate policies. We reward effort, the minimum week is 5.5 days and bonuses reflect those that want to work more. The company moves pretty quickly so you must be happy to always be learning about new products/markets/procedures. 

We want someone with a good attitude who wants to be on the support team, being easy and enjoyable to work with is a key quality here. We are looking for someone who is excited to join the team and do support, this isn't a posting for someone looking to manage other people doing support. 

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