Free Dogecoin Campaign


Every hour from 10PM (SGT) Feb 8th to 10PM (SGT) Feb 15th traders on FTX are eligible to receive free Dogecoin!

Traders will receive 5 Dogecoins for every hour that they trade at least $500 (or equivalent) on any of the eligible market categories. They will see them added to their FTX account and labelled as 'DOGE campaign' in their deposit history. 

The Eligible markets categories are:

Any Doge market
Any BTC market
Any ETH market
Any TSLA market
Any SLV market
Any GME market
Any AMC market
Any BB mareket
Any NOK market

This means that a trader could receive up to 10 categories x 5 Doge = 50 Doge per hour.

If you trade $500 worth of the BTC-PERP market and $500 worth of the ETH-PERP market in an hour you would qualify for two categories and receive 2 x 5 Doge = 10 Doge for that hour. 

If you trade $500 worth of BTC-PERP and $500 worth of the BTC/USD market, you would qualify for one category and receive 1 x 5 Doge = 5 Doge for that hour. 

Please email subject line 'Much Wow' for questions. 

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