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What is this doc for?

This document is for companies looking to partner with FTX (either FTX.com or FTX.US) to offer our products as part of that company’s own separate application or service.


Note: if you are a US based company, you are only eligible to integrate with the services offered by FTX.US.


What is the Whitelabel Integration program?

The Whitelabel Integrations program is an API based integration partnership between FTX and another application with its own user base. 


This is a situation where you, as the Integrating Party, have an user facing application and:

  • you are looking to integrate with FTX’s liquidity for markets listed on your own app that you want to offer to your users, and / or
  • you are looking to list markets from FTX on your own app and come to a fee share agreement, and / or
  • you are looking to reduce development cost and increase your speed to market by relying on FTX’s account, user management and KYC capabilities

Refer to our Documentation for further information.




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