NVDA Stock Split


NVDA is undergoing a stock split.


FTX's will manage the split in the following way:


On July 20th, at 2pm HKT:

  • Trading will be halted on the NVDA/USD market, all orders will be canceled, and the market will be de-listed. Any lending offers will also be cancelled.
  • NVDA balances will be renamed to NVDA_PRE, and the de-listed market will be renamed to NVDA_PRE/USD
  • NVDA_PRE balances will be converted, four-to-one, into new NVDA balances.
  • Any lending offers that were cancelled will have the equivalent amount placed for the new NVDA 
  • New NVDA/USD markets will be listed

We expect this process to take less than one hour.


It is your responsibility to understand the implications of FTX's management of the NVDA stock split. FTX is not liable for losses.




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