How to find our FTX UID (Unique Identifier)


Users can find their FTX UID by logging into their FTX account and navigating to “Settings”. Under “Settings”, go to your “Profile” section where you will find your “Affiliate Link”. Your FTX UID will be the suffix at the end of your Affiliate link, which at default will be a collection of randomized numbers.

Alternatively, users can navigate directly to the “Referrals” section, where they will find their “Referral Links” (which is the same as your Affiliate Link) and the accompanying suffix at the end of the link. The suffix at the end of your “Referral Link” will be your FTX UID. 


Two ways to find your FTX UID


1. Settings > Profile > Affiliate Link


2. Referral > Referral Links 


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