FTX will list Ronin (RON) Perpetual Futures


Dear Users,

FTX will list Ronin (RON):

  • Trading starts at 2021-01-06 14:00 (UTC)
  • Trading pair: RON-PERP*

* The RON-PERP index will be equal to its own market price, and funding payments will be disabled; until centralized exchanges list markets. Once suitable liquidity on these markets is present, FTX will change the RON index to a composition of those markets and enable funding payments.


About Ronin (RON)

Sky Mavis, the studio that developed Axie Infinity, created Ronin — an Ethereum-linked sidechain made specifically for Axie Infinity. RON is the ecosystem token for the Ronin chain. It will eventually be used to pay gas fees and secure the network for both Axie Infinity and future games/products hosted on the chain.10% of the total RON supply are rewarded to liquidity providers on Katana DEX but no RON is for sale yet. 



If you have any questions please send them to us at support@ftx.com.

Happy Trading!

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