BTT Redenomination


FTX will support the upcoming BTT redenomination. Here are the details:
  • At 2022-01-17 2:00 UTC:
    • BTT-PERP trigger orders will be cancelled
    • Trading will be halted on the BTT-PERP market
    • BTT-PERP will cash-expire to a 1-hour TWAP of the BTT index
  • At a later date, once suitable spot markets of the redenominated BTT are listed to comprise an index, FTX will relist BTT-PERP (or KBTT-PERP, equivalent to 1000x that index).


Note: trading digital assets confers with high risk due to large price fluctuations. Before trading, please have a full understanding of all the risks associated with investing in digital assets.

It is your responsibility to understand the implications of the BTT future redenomination. FTX is not liable for losses.


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