FTX will list PsyOptions (PSY) Spot Market


PSY_Upcoming_Listing_ENG.jpgDear Users,

FTX will list PsyOptions (PSY).

  • Trading starts at 2022-01-21 14:00 (UTC)
  • Trading pairs: PSY/USD


About PsyOptions (PSY)

PsyOptions’ first product is an American-style options protocol built on the Solana blockchain. The principles that have guided the architecture and development of the core protocol are flexibility and composability. It is completely trustless. The core protocol makes no assumptions on how the options should be traded or priced. Options are represented as SPL Tokens, which means they can be traded on any DEX that supports SPL Tokens. V1 will support 100% collateralized, asset settled, covered calls and secured puts.


If you have any questions please send them to us at support@ftx.com.

Happy Trading!

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