FTX will list Sperax (SPA) spot market




Dear Users,

FTX will list Sperax (SPA).

  • Trading starts: March 24th, 2022 at 2pm (UTC)
  • Trading pairs: SPA/USD
  • Deposits and withdrawals will open on March 24th, 2022 at 2am (UTC)


About Sperax (SPA)

Sperax USD, known as USDs, is the first auto-yield bearing stablecoin on the Arbitrum chain. It has a hybrid token system that offers the USDs stablecoin and a governance accrual token (SPA). USDs relies on both cryptocollaterals and an algorithmic-based stability mechanism allowing users to mint $1 worth of SPA when redeeming USDs. Sperax's roadmap is to construct a full-stack DeFi ecosystem based on USDs featuring various decentralized use cases.



If you have any questions please send them to support@ftx.com.

Happy trading!

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