FTX Single Sign-On (SSO)


Integrating FTX SSO


Enable your users to access the FTX technology stack by leveraging the comprehensive FTX API suite. Partners can integrate FTX through two different services: Single Sign-On & Whitelabel. This article provides a general overview of the FTX SSO service.

FTX Single Sign-On provides our partners the ability to generate revenue from trading fees from FTX users through the External Referral Program. Through an OAuth integration, the partner is able leverage different capabilities on behalf of the user (trade, get balance, deposit, purchase NFTs, etc).


Why would a partner integrate FTX SSO?

  • Trade and leverage existing FTX services without reinventing the wheel
  • Authentication, payment on-ramps, KYC flows will be provided through ftx.com/ftx.us
  • Users will be able to access their existing FTX account
  • Generate revenue through the External Referral Program


Common Use Cases

  • A partner has an app/website/trading algorithm and leverages the public API to make trades on behalf of the user (e.g. Stacked)
  • A partner has an app/website and would like to add a widget with the ability to make trades (e.g. TradingView & Brave Browser)


User Flow

1. User navigates to partner’s website

2. User clicks the “Sign in with FTX” button on the partner’s website

2a. User will be redirected to the FTX website

2b. User will either login or sign up and go through KYC

2c. User will authorize the partner’s app

3. As the user trades through the partner’s website, fees are rebated to the partner


Differences vs. Whitelabel

  • Users will know they are using their FTX account during the redirect process
  • Users will have FTX accounts and will be able to login to the FTX website
  • Users will be using payment and KYC rails on the FTX website
  • Partner does not need to dedicate significant resources to get the product out
  • Partner must follow the brand guidelines of the “Sign In with FTX” button


Getting Started

1. Partner contacts bd@ftx.us with an overview of the intended integration.

2. Partner will be required to create an FTX account and sign a contract with FTX for both Single Sign-On and External Referral Program. 

3. Partner denotes a name for their ERP and the associated FTX account.

4. FTX enables SSO & ERP for the partner, providing "clientId" & "clientSecret"

5. Partner integrates the SSO functionality onto their app.


Managing FTX SSO Permissions

Users may manage the applications that they have authorized through FTX SSO by following the instructions below.

1. Sign in to your FTX US account and navigate to "OAuth" settings under "account settings". This can be found by clicking on your user email on the top right of the platform > click settings > click OAuth
2. Under OAuth Authorized Applications, users may view and manage the clients that they have authorized with API permissions.
3. Under OAuth Login Records, users may view the last 100 OAuth login records showing the client and timestamp when the client was authorized.

Please note that only clients and login records that were authorized after July 14th, 2022 are visible. Clients that were authorized prior to this date will not be displayed.

  • Revoking FTX SSO Permissions

    Users may revoke clients that were granted permissions through FTX SSO by clicking on the Revoke Access icon and confirming in the following prompt. Revoking a client will also revoke API keys that were generated by this client.



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