FTX Single Sign-On (SSO)



FTX Single Sign On provides our partners the ability to generate revenue from trading fees from FTX users through the External Referral Program. Through an OAuth integration, the partner is able to easily obtain API keys from the FTX user and then act on behalf of the user (trade, get balance, deposit, purchase NFTs etc).

Common Use Cases

  • A partner has an app/website/trading algorithm and leverages the public API to make trades on behalf of the user.
  • A partner has a website and would like to add a widget with the ability to make trades.
  • A partner wants to create an NFT marketplace on their website

Why would a partner integrate with FTX SSO?

  • Trade and leverage existing FTX services without reinventing the wheel
    • Authentication, payment on-ramps, KYC flows will be provided from on ftx.com/ftx.us
  • Users will be able to use their existing FTX account
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Generate revenue through the order flow through External Referral Program

User Flow

  1. User navigates to partner’s website
  2. User clicks Sign in with FTX button on the partner’s website
  3. User is redirected to the FTX website
    - User will either login, sign up, go through KYC
  4. User will authorize the partner’s app
  5. Partner obtains user’s bearer token
  6. Partner creates an API Key with the External Referral Program on behalf of the user.
  7. As the user trades using these API keys, fees are rebated to the partner.

Differences vs. Whitelabel

  • It will be clear to the end-user that they are using their FTX account during the redirect/authentication process.
  • Users will have FTX accounts and will be able to login to the FTX website.
  • Users will be using payment and KYC rails on the FTX website.
  • Little lift for the partner to get the product out.
  • Brand guidelines for the Sign In button must be followed.


  • The partner will be required to sign a contract with us for both Single Sign On and External Referral Program.
  • API Keys and Bearer Tokens must be stored client side

Please contact whitelabel@ftx.com or bd@ftx.us for more info.

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