Introducing New Fee and Ratelimit Tiers to the FTX VIP & Market Maker Program


Starting June 1, 2022 at 00:00 UTC, FTX will introduce new tiers to its VIP and Market Maker (MM) program.

Previously, our VIP and MM program only had 3 tiers, which made it challenging for users to become VIP/MMs and jump from one tier to the next one. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that we will be adding four new additional tiers to our VIP/MM programs, for a total of 7 tiers (MM1 - MM7, VIP1 - VIP7). 

By introducing new tiers, we will be making it easier for users to start participating in our VIP/MM programs in order to unlock lower fees and higher ratelimits. Additionally, we’re also reducing the incremental volume/market share requirements between tiers, which will empower users to reach higher tiers and continuously grow on the platform.


Main changes:

  1. Introduced 4 new additional VIP and MM tiers.
  2. Reduced the incremental volume/market share requirements between tiers.
  3. Decreased the VIP1 and MM1 thresholds, making it easier for users to participate in our VIP/MM programs.
  4. Adjusted the VIP tiers users can unlock from holding FTT.
  5. Added more ratelimits tiers and increased the overall ratelimits in VIP and MM tiers.
  6. For existing overrides, this is how the old tiers will translate into the new program:
    • VIP1 = VIP4
    • VIP2 = VIP6 
    • VIP3 = VIP7; keep the same maker rebates overrides until the trial period expires.

For a full overview of our VIP and Market Maker program, visit this page.


VIP Fees



Market Makers



FTT Holding Tiers

VIPs still receive fee discounts for holding FTT! You can find the FTT schedule here. Note the following changes:



1) Your taker fee cannot go below 0.015% all things considered.

2) If you have a maker rebate (i.e. you are a Market Maker), FTT will not affect that rebate, but will still decrease your taker fees.



Just like before, each VIP and MM tier unlocks a specific amount of ratelimits ,which you can find here. Keep in mind that you will always get the highest ratelimits. For instance, if you’re both VIP2 and MM2, by default you will have MM2 ratelimits.

You can check your account ratelimits details on your Profile page in the API section.

The ratelimits changes are as follow:


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