FTX will list 0930, 1230 quarterly futures





Dear users,

FTX will list 0930 and 1230 quarterly futures.

  • Trading starts: June 10, 2022 at 3am (UTC)
  • Trading pairs:
1230 BTC-1230, ETH-1230
0930 1INCH-0930, AAVE-0930, ADA-0930, ALGO-0930, ALT-0930, APE-0930, ATOM-0930, AVAX-0930, AXS-0930, BAL-0930, BCH-0930, BNB-0930, BSV-0930, CEL-0930, CHZ-0930, COMP-0930, DEFI-0930, DOGE-0930, DOT-0930, EOS-0930, EXCH-0930, FIL-0930, FTM-0930, GMT-0930, GRT-0930, GST-0930, LINK-0930, LTC-0930, MATIC-0930, MID-0930, NEAR-0930, OKB-0930, OMG-0930, OP-0930, PRIV-0930, SHIT-0930, SOL-0930, SUSHI-0930, TRX-0930, UNI-0930, UNISWAP-0930, USDT-0930, WAVES-0930, XRP-0930, XTZ-0930, YFI-0930, and all FTX listed tokenized stocks 0930 futures 


Note: 0624 quarterly futures will be delivered on June 24, 2022. The delivery price of expired futures is the 1 hour TWAP of the underlying coin's index from 2am to 3am UTC on the last Friday of every quarter.


To see all available markets for our quarterly futures, please visit https://ftx.com/markets.

Please refer to our documentation on futures trading for more details.


If you have any questions please contact ftx.com/support.

Happy trading!


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