TSLA Stock Split



Dear users,

TSLA is undergoing a stock split. FTX’s will manage the split in the following way:

On August 25, 2022 at 6am UTC:
  • TSLA and TSLA-0930 will be renamed to TSLAPRE and TSLAPRE-0930
On August 25, 2022 at 7am UTC:
  • New TSLA/USD, TSLA/DOGE, TSLA/BTC and TSLA-0930 markets, representing the postsplit amounts, will go live
  • FTX will automatically convert TSLAPRE-0930 positions and TSLAPRE balances into TSLA-0930 and TSLA balances at a 3:1 rate
  • TSLAPRE-0930 and TSLAPRE/USD markets will be de-listed
It is your responsibility to understand the implications of FTX's management of the TSLA stock split. FTX is not liable for losses.
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