Level up your fee tier when you trade through Paradigm!




To mark FTX’s continued partnership with Paradigm, we’re offering our users the chance to qualify for a higher fee tier! 


Level up your fee tier when you trade through Paradigm!

Promotional period: October 3, 2022 2pm (UTC) - October 17, 2022 2pm (UTC) 


How to participate:

If a user's trading volume through Paradigm during the promotional period exceeds more than 25% of the required trading volume of any FTX fee tiers below, the user will be bumped up to that fee tier for 30 days. 




Fee tier

30-day volume requirement (USD)

Volume requirement through Paradigm (USD)


> 2,000,000 

≥ 500,000 


> 5,000,000

≥ 1,250,000 



≥ 2,500,000 


> 25,000,000

≥ 6,250,000


> 50,000,000

≥ 12,500,000


About Paradigm:

Paradigm is a zero-fee, institutional liquidity network for crypto derivatives traders across CeFi and DeFi. The platform provides traders with unified access to multi-asset, multi-protocol liquidity on demand without compromising on execution preferences, costs and immediacy. The firm’s mission is to create a platform where traders can trade anything, with anyone and settle it anywhere.


Paradigm has the largest network of institutional counterparties in crypto with over 1,000 institutional clients trading over $10 billion per month, including hedge funds, OTC desks, lenders, structured product issuers, market makers and prominent family offices.


For more information on our partnership with Paradigm, please refer to our previous announcement here



Terms and Conditions:

  • Only FTX.COM users with fee tier 1-6 are allowed to participate.
  • To be eligible for the rewards, all users must complete KYC 2 before the end of the promotional period.
  • All rewards will be distributed to winners’ FTX accounts within 14 days after the promotional period.
  • All participants agree to abide by the FTX Terms of Service.
  • Any participants found violating the FTX Terms of Service will be disqualified.
  • Multiple entrants from a single user are strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.
  • US residents or residents of any FTX restricted jurisdiction are strictly prohibited.
  • If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the original English version and the translated versions, the English version shall prevail.
  • FTX reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this competition at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.


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